Monday, March 5, 2012

How to depot your MAC eyeshadows

Hi dolls! Have you ever wanted to save some space by depoting your eye shadows?or wanted to put them into a palette?

Here's my secret on how I depot!
Items needed:
1.) flat iron
2.) sharp knife
3.) MAC single eyeshadows
4.) MAC palette

1.) Turn on your flat iron to the highest temperature.
2.) Open your MAC single eyeshadow and take your knife and wedge it in-between the eyeshadow line where the top and the bottom meet (specifically where the opening of the eyeshadow is.) I will post a picture for you too see.
3.) Wiggle the knife left to right and the top part where the eyeshadow lyes. It will pop right off.
4.) Place the eyeshadow carefully on the flat iron for 30 seconds.
5.) Take the eyeshadow and carefully poke a hole on the bottom center of the plastic bottom until the metal pan that the eyeshadow lyes in separates from the plastic.
6.) Let the eyeshadow cool off and make sure to turn off your flat iron.
7.) Place the eyeshadow in the palette.
8.) Pop the two plastic pieces back together again and PLEASE recycle them. For every 6 MAC plastic or metal items you recycle, MAC stores will let you choose a lipstick, lipgloss or eyeshadow! Woohoo!!!

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