Thursday, July 28, 2011

tReNdY glamor nail thurdays - Fashionable nail ideas

Hi dOLs!!
So I was watching Jerseylicious and noticed Tracey's nails were flared. They are super cute and soooo different! Apparently this is a new trend. I myself love to be unique and decided to go get my nails flared as well. I love the way they look chunky and crazy! Let me know what you think gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now for the wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

Now for wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

I've decided to show you a fun look that will have everyone looking in your direction. Let's do something great for everyone that loves glitz and masks!! This perfect for a masquerade or a halloween party!

1.) Make sure you do your normal foundation routine.

2.) Grab a white eyeliner and draw the mask on your face. If your not very good at free handing go to google and look for mask images and print one out. Cut the mask out and trace it.

3.) Next grab duo glue and gems of our choice and start gluing each gem and make sure to stay in between the lines.

4.) Add your lip gloss and your done!!

And now your a gLaMoRoUs dOlL once again!!

tWisTed glamor updo tuesdays - Glamorous fast updos to go out wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

Hello Every one the first part of this post will talk about tWisTed glamor updo tuesdays - Glamorous fast updos to go out. A cute and trendy look that Audrina Patridge likes to sport on a regular basis with the awesome SPIN PINS!!

1.) Spray your hair with heat protectant.

2.) Curl your hair with a big barrel curling iron.

3.) Spray with hair spray.

4.) Wait about 10 mintues and run your hair through.

5.) Take all of your hair to the side and make a side bun and put one spin pin on one side of the bun and one on the opposite side of the bun to make sure it will hold. Don't worry if it's messy because of the curls this is the look we are trying to achieve.

6.) Spray lightly with hair spray for any fly aways and to retain a good hold.

And that's how you do a gLaMoRoUs tWisTeD updo!!!

I hope you like this post and can achieve the same look.

tWisTed glamor updo tuesdays - Glamorous fast updos to go out wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

Hey dOlLs!
I'm going to do one giant collaboration of
tWisTed glamor updo tuesdays - Glamorous fast updos to go out and
wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful).
Sooo look out for my new look tomorrow!! muwahh xoxo gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

mAkeUp glamor mondays - Glamorous makeup to go out

Hey gLaMoRoUs girls!! OMG!! I'm sooo excited for this look. It's super cute and can be worn at work or at a gLaMoRoUs event.

Eyeshadow Application:

1.) Apply a eyeshadow base. I used the painterly paint pot. From the lid to the brow.

2.) First I used Brule (creme) in the inner corner, lid and underneath the brow bone with a 213 brush.

3.) Then apply Rule (orangey brown) above the crease. Make sure you blend this upward into the Brule with a 217 brush.

4.) Next apply Aquadisiac (turquoise) to the lid underneath the crease, but avoid the inner corner. Blend the Aquadisiac with Brule with a 224 brush.

5.) Then use a 224 brush in the crease with the color Saddle (brown) and blend inward.

6.) Use an angle brush with fix plus and charcoal brown eyeshadow to brush in your brows. Use a light hand to give a more hair like effect.

7.) And to complete the look use the lipstick Girl About Town (pinky purple)!

And that's how you become part of the gLaM sQuAd!!

Let me know if you have any other question dOLls!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

fAsT n' fReSh glamor fridays & sPArkle sUrPriSe glamor Saturdays and Sundays

Hello gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!!
I'm SOOOOO sorry I haven't been able to post in the last couple of days. But I have decided to wrap up the whole weekend of sparkly event's all in one post!!

*First I will start with the fAsT n' fReSh glamor fridays tutorial/ tip

This Makeup look is perfect for a fast look for on the go or even to the beach!

1.) Apply MAC tinted moisturizer

2.) Apply some powder and bronzer on the cheek bones at angle from ear to mouth

3.) Apply some peach blush

4.) Apply some brown and black by MAC and NARS called charcoal brown and black called night breed. Place vanilla under the brow bone. Then place the brown on the lids fading up into the brow bone color vanilla. Then get the color night breed by NARS and place it on the lid and blend it up so that it fades into the brown. Make sure you do not blend to far up, make sure you can still see the brown. Get some brown and place a faded blended line underneath the bottom eyelashes for a smokey look. And apply Mascara.

5.) Lastly apply MAC's Dazzle glass lipgloss in the color smile!

*Now for a fresh and fast fashion on the go

1.) Put on a romper

2.) Find some cute sandals

3.) Choose some cute earrings and bangles.

4.) And pick a cute bag to go along to complete the look!

* For the hair that is fast and on the go

1.) Slick hair back with some hairspray or gel into a high pony tail.

2.) Hair spray the pony tail and tease the hair.

3.) Make your hair into a bun and bobby pin the bun all the way around.

And your now one gLaMoRoUs dOlL!!

*~sPArkle sUrPriSe glamor Saturdays and Sundays~*

I'm doing a review on the most recent craze in the nail world. Nail bliss Bling Appliques!!
They are the new nail stickers that have crystals and awesome patterns.
These Bling Appliques are fast and easy to use.

1.) Apply any nail polish on your nails of your choice.

2.) Measure your nails and see which sticker best fits your nails. As soon as the nail polish dries apply the sticker to your nails and rub the sticker on the make sure it sticks.

3.) Cut the excess off and file the nails for a smoother finish.

4.) Apply a clear coat and your done!!

I have applied these to my finger and my toe nails they never chipped or came off. I had them on for 3 weeks. I received so many complements! These are absolute must.

And that's how you become a gLaMoRoUs dOlL!!!

Have an awesome weekend dOlLs!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

tReNdY glamor nail thurdays

Victoria’s secret inspired gLaMoRoUs nails

Products used:

Sinful colors Fusion Neon 60 (neon pink color) Can be found at target.

OPI Mod About you (light pink) Can be found at Ulta or Online at

OPI Top coat Can be found at Ulta or Online at

CM nail art color madnic Heavenly Pink (light pink) Can be found at

1.) Paint all of the nails besides your index finger Sinful colors Fusion Neon 60 (neon pink color).

2.) Paint your index finger OPI Mod About you (light pink)

3.) Draw vertical lines with the CM nail art color madnic Heavenly Pink (light pink)

4.) Use a clear coat to seal the gLaMoRoUs nails!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday

Today our gLaMoRoUs dOlLs we will be learning how to achieve the famous Barbie Doll look.
Since she is one of the most famous dolls in the world I felt it was perfect for our first tutorial.

1.) Always exfoliate your face before doing your makeup
Suggested: The Body shop seaweed pore-cleansing Facial seaweed scrub $14.50

2.) Moisturize your skin
Suggested: M.A.C's Complete comfort creme $32

3.) Applying foundation
Use your 187 brush by MAC with MAC Prolong wear Foundation. The brush should look like a blush brush but it has white ends to the tip. Dip the brush (just the tips) in the Pro long wear foundation and buff all over.

4.) Applying Powder
Use studio fix powder and buff in with preferably a Kabuki brush MAC 182 (looks like a very short blush brush) or you may also use MAC 150 which is an extra large blush brush. Pick up some powder with your brush and buff the powder in a circular motion until the whole face is covered.

5.) Applying Bronzer and Blush
Apply the bronzer first and use it to contour the cheek area. I used beach bronze by MAC. Suck in your cheeks an apply the bronzer in the hallows of your cheeks from your ear to your mouth in a diagonal angle. Next smile and on the apples of your cheeks apply a bright pink blush called Desire by NARS. This color is super intense so build up the color slowly on your cheeks. And blend into the bronzer for a more natural look.

6.) Base for eyeshadow
I used a paint pot by MAC in the color painterly. Apply this all over the lid all the way up to the brow. I use my finger to do so. Make sure it is completely blended.

7.) Applying eyeshadow
I started with applying the light creme color called Vanilla by MAC to the eyelid below the brow and 1/4 of the inner part of the lid with the MAC BRUSH 227SE.
Next apply the green color called Lucky by MICABELLA an eyeshadow from the lid up until I reached the crease with the MAC BRUSH 224.
Next I applied the the blush by NARS called Desire (same one as cheeks) above the crease and blended it up into the Vanilla with the MAC BRUSH 217.
Next I used the MAC BRUSH 219SE to make a cut crease with the MAC pigment called Grape and blended the crease as it reaches the inner part of my eye.

8.) Applying eyeliner
Next I used black track for my eyeliner with MAC 266SE Angled brush winged out at the end. You want to dip your brush into the gel liner and start making a line from the inner corner out to the end of your eyelid. As you reach the end of your eyelid you want to angle the brush towards the angle of the eyebrow and flick out. Take your time to do this part you may need a little practice and patience.

9.) Applying Mascara
Make sure to spin the wand in the tube and do not pump it. I used PLUSH LASH BY MAC. Place it at the top of the eyelashes and wiggle into the lashes as you spin the wand outwards. Do the same underneath the eyelashes until all of the eyelashes are covered. You can always add lashes if you'd like a more dramatic Barbie look.

10.) Applying lipstick
I first outlined the lips with NYX lipliner called PINKY. Then I filled in my lips with a Barbie Pink Lipstick by MAC called Chatter box and to top it off I used a clear lip plumper by Pout to make my lips more full an Barbie like.

And that's how you make your self in to a gLaMoRoUs BaRbIe dOlL!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WeLcOmE gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!

hello gLaMoRoUs dOlLs! I have now officially started the mAkEuP gLaM sqUaD blog! Please feel free to ask me questions about makeup, nails or hair. Don't be shy and become part of my glam squad. Everyday is a struggle to figure out how to do hair, makeup, or nails like the celebrities. Or even just to have a different trendy look for everyday use that is fast and simple. So this is where my gLaM sqUaD comes in to rescue all of you gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!! Every week I will have posts that will pertain to certin days.

mAkeUp glamor mondays - Glamorous makeup to go out

tWisTed glamor updo tuesdays - Glamorous fast updos to go out

wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

tReNdY glamor nail thurdays - Fashionable nail ideas

fAsT n' fReSh glamor fridays - Makeup and hair for on the go

sPArkle sUrPriSe glamor Saturdays and Sundays- This will include reviews of products, contests, or any requests from my followers!!

Do you dare to become part of my gLaM sQuAd? Become a gLaMoRoUs DoLl today!!