Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WeLcOmE gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!

hello gLaMoRoUs dOlLs! I have now officially started the mAkEuP gLaM sqUaD blog! Please feel free to ask me questions about makeup, nails or hair. Don't be shy and become part of my glam squad. Everyday is a struggle to figure out how to do hair, makeup, or nails like the celebrities. Or even just to have a different trendy look for everyday use that is fast and simple. So this is where my gLaM sqUaD comes in to rescue all of you gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!! Every week I will have posts that will pertain to certin days.

mAkeUp glamor mondays - Glamorous makeup to go out

tWisTed glamor updo tuesdays - Glamorous fast updos to go out

wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

tReNdY glamor nail thurdays - Fashionable nail ideas

fAsT n' fReSh glamor fridays - Makeup and hair for on the go

sPArkle sUrPriSe glamor Saturdays and Sundays- This will include reviews of products, contests, or any requests from my followers!!

Do you dare to become part of my gLaM sQuAd? Become a gLaMoRoUs DoLl today!!

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! You look faboulous!!!!!!!!