Sunday, July 24, 2011

fAsT n' fReSh glamor fridays & sPArkle sUrPriSe glamor Saturdays and Sundays

Hello gLaMoRoUs dOlLs!!
I'm SOOOOO sorry I haven't been able to post in the last couple of days. But I have decided to wrap up the whole weekend of sparkly event's all in one post!!

*First I will start with the fAsT n' fReSh glamor fridays tutorial/ tip

This Makeup look is perfect for a fast look for on the go or even to the beach!

1.) Apply MAC tinted moisturizer

2.) Apply some powder and bronzer on the cheek bones at angle from ear to mouth

3.) Apply some peach blush

4.) Apply some brown and black by MAC and NARS called charcoal brown and black called night breed. Place vanilla under the brow bone. Then place the brown on the lids fading up into the brow bone color vanilla. Then get the color night breed by NARS and place it on the lid and blend it up so that it fades into the brown. Make sure you do not blend to far up, make sure you can still see the brown. Get some brown and place a faded blended line underneath the bottom eyelashes for a smokey look. And apply Mascara.

5.) Lastly apply MAC's Dazzle glass lipgloss in the color smile!

*Now for a fresh and fast fashion on the go

1.) Put on a romper

2.) Find some cute sandals

3.) Choose some cute earrings and bangles.

4.) And pick a cute bag to go along to complete the look!

* For the hair that is fast and on the go

1.) Slick hair back with some hairspray or gel into a high pony tail.

2.) Hair spray the pony tail and tease the hair.

3.) Make your hair into a bun and bobby pin the bun all the way around.

And your now one gLaMoRoUs dOlL!!

*~sPArkle sUrPriSe glamor Saturdays and Sundays~*

I'm doing a review on the most recent craze in the nail world. Nail bliss Bling Appliques!!
They are the new nail stickers that have crystals and awesome patterns.
These Bling Appliques are fast and easy to use.

1.) Apply any nail polish on your nails of your choice.

2.) Measure your nails and see which sticker best fits your nails. As soon as the nail polish dries apply the sticker to your nails and rub the sticker on the make sure it sticks.

3.) Cut the excess off and file the nails for a smoother finish.

4.) Apply a clear coat and your done!!

I have applied these to my finger and my toe nails they never chipped or came off. I had them on for 3 weeks. I received so many complements! These are absolute must.

And that's how you become a gLaMoRoUs dOlL!!!

Have an awesome weekend dOlLs!!