Monday, July 25, 2011

mAkeUp glamor mondays - Glamorous makeup to go out

Hey gLaMoRoUs girls!! OMG!! I'm sooo excited for this look. It's super cute and can be worn at work or at a gLaMoRoUs event.

Eyeshadow Application:

1.) Apply a eyeshadow base. I used the painterly paint pot. From the lid to the brow.

2.) First I used Brule (creme) in the inner corner, lid and underneath the brow bone with a 213 brush.

3.) Then apply Rule (orangey brown) above the crease. Make sure you blend this upward into the Brule with a 217 brush.

4.) Next apply Aquadisiac (turquoise) to the lid underneath the crease, but avoid the inner corner. Blend the Aquadisiac with Brule with a 224 brush.

5.) Then use a 224 brush in the crease with the color Saddle (brown) and blend inward.

6.) Use an angle brush with fix plus and charcoal brown eyeshadow to brush in your brows. Use a light hand to give a more hair like effect.

7.) And to complete the look use the lipstick Girl About Town (pinky purple)!

And that's how you become part of the gLaM sQuAd!!

Let me know if you have any other question dOLls!!


  1. Te ha quedado muy bonito!! un beso!!

  2. Gracias Amor! Muchos besitos y carnio! muwahh xoxo!!

  3. This is beautiful, I love the colors you used on the lids!

  4. aw thank you I thought I might try something different but classy! <3