Monday, August 15, 2011

mAkeUp glamor mondays

Hey DoLls!! I've been super busy lately. Today I am going to teach you how to put on fake lashes!

1.) You will need Duo glue or if you are allergic to latex Revlon has lash glue that is latex free.

2.) You will need fake lashes. I recommend using Human hair that way they won't irritate your sin or eyes. I bought mine from the mall for $2.50 each.

3.) A tweezer.

4.) A brush.

5.) Mascara

6.) Eye Liner

1.) I first take out the lashes from the plastic and wrap the lashes around your finger and bend them a bit so they are not stiff.

2.) Next take your glue and squeeze a little bit on to the plastic case of your lashes. Let the glue get tacky for 30 seconds.

3.) Take your brush and dip the end of it into the glue.

4.) Glide the glue on the flat curved lash line. Make sure to be cautious and not get it on the actual lashes.

5.) Gently place the lashes on top of your real lashes and take your tweezers to push the fake lashes into the lash line and to adjust as needed.

6.) When lashes are dry take mascara and blend the fake lashes with the real ones.

7.) Take a eye liner and line your eyelid to blend the lashes with your lash line.

All done and ready to be glamorous!

Please be careful if you get Semi- permanent eyelash extensions. Your lashes will fall out and you may have to wait two months before they grow back for some people even longer :( !

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