Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wHiMsiCaL makeup glamor wednesday - Fantasy makeup (more colorful)

Hi dOls,
Today this blog is all about the Kim Kardashian eyeshadowLOOK!! Everyone loves the smokey eyes. And I decided to take it up a notch. I wanted to make it more dramatic and bold.

1.) Do your foundation, blush and contouring as normal.

2.) Use a base for your eyeshadow. Such as the paint pot by M.A.C. in the color painterly.

3.) Use Vanilla underneath the brow and in the inner corner with a 217 brush.

4.) Use M.A.C.'s charcoal brown all over the lid a little past your crease with a 217 brush.

5.) With a 224 brush lightly use NARS night breed (black) shadow in the outer crease and blending it inward towards your nose. (make sure to take your time to blend and don't use too much black)

6.) In the inner corners blend inward with a shimmery pigment such as M.A.C.'s pink bronze or tan with a 224 brush.

7.) Use the charcoal brown mixed with night breed underneath the eye. Start at the the middle of the eye and work it up until the outer corner of the eye. Blend up into the smokey part of the shadow to create a cat eye illusion.

8.) Use black liquid eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer part of the eye at an angle. Make sure you take your time lining the eye to prevent any mistakes.

9.) Now line the inner rim with a black pencil such as smolder. And set it with a black eyeshadow to prevent smudging.

10.) Next put some mascara such as plush lash or some fake lashes to make the look more complete!

Now you guys can go out on the town and feel just as gLaMoRoUs as Kim!

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