Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Hello dOlLs!!
Todays post will be about how to become a real makeup artist!

Makeup gLaM sQuAd Artist Guide

1.) Accumulate enough makeup to practice and to apply makeup on clients. Make a makeup kit. I suggest getting samples from makeup counters.

2.) STUDY, STUDY, & STUDY: Study makeup charts ex.)

3.) GET INSPIRED: Checkout or study other makeup artists work on youtube, google or any other places online. Practice on yourself different looks and always document with your camera. That way you can see what you may need to work on.

4.) Choose people from different ages from each age group 16-19, 20-23, 24-29, 30-40, 50-70. Apply makeup on each client and take photos.

5.) CREATE Resume / Portfolio: with photos. I suggest getting photos printed at Kinko’s on gloss card stock for a more professional feel.

6.) Add photos to the end of your resume and make sure the photos are versatile so that the client can see your range in your makeup ability.

You may want to show a elegant makeup look, a natural look, dramatic look, theatrical look and etc. Make sure your photos are edited for any touchups that may be needed.

7.) Applying: If you are applying for a job at a makeup counter as for an application. Drop off your resume with application to all makeup counters. Introduce yourself, show that you can call peoples attention and get them to want to apply and buy the product. Your attire should be all in black to give a professional look and have your makeup done.

8.) Follow up: Make sure you keep following up with them every week and a half. Be persistent and show them that you want this job.

9.) Freelance: Mean while post your resume online or in the newspaper with a photo of your work. Make a list of pricing with your contact info.

For example: a.) Name: Gizelle

b.) Services: Makeup weddings, fashion shows, theater& etc.

c.) Pricing: $ 40 with lashes, wedding packages, & etc.

d.) Contact: email, phone number, & etc.

e.) Photos: Different photos of your work to show range.

10.) Networking: Make a blog, youtube channel, website, facebook, twitter with all your Photos and network with other makeup artists as much as you can to get your name out there.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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